Dell Venue Pro

In addition to the HTC HD7, T-Mobile will offer the Dell Venue Pro this holiday season. It's one of the more unique handsets in the Windows Phone 7 portfolio, thanks to its portrait slider design.

The smartphone feels very solid in the hand. In addition to the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Venue Pro also offers a 4.1-inch WVGA AMOLED touch screen, which was both sharp and responsive in our brief hands-on time with the device.
Photo by: Bonnie Cha/CNET

Slider keyboard

Unlike the LG Quantum, the Venue Pro offers a slide-out QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode. Having the keyboard in this orientation allows for easier one-handed use.
Photo by: Bonnie Cha/CNET


With the portrait keyboard, it enables easier one-handed operation. We found it pretty comfortable to use. The buttons have a slight bump to them and there's enough space around the keyboard so your thumbs don't hit the edges of the phone.
Photo by: Bonnie Cha/CNET

Side profile

On the right side of the phone, you get a volume rocker and a camera key. At this angle, you can also notice a slight elliptical design to the phone.
Photo by: Bonnie Cha/CNET

Top view

On top of the device, you get a 3.5mm headphone jack and a power button.
Photo by: Bonnie Cha/CNET


The Dell Venue Pro features an 8-megapixel camera with flash.
Photo by: Bonnie Cha/CNET

Bottom view

The bottom of the device houses the Micro-USB port.
Photo by: Bonnie Cha/CNET


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