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Dell's U2410 caused quite a stir recently, being an H-IPS-based 24-inch panel.

Typically, 24-inch monitors have been relegated to VA technology (good colour, decent viewing angles, mid-level price), although in the past few years TN-based (lower colour quality, horrific vertical viewing angles, OK horizontal viewing angles) have crept into the lower-price range. IPS monitors have better colour and better viewing angles, but tend to come at a price increase. This is why the U2410 is a bit special — it'll be going on sale for only AU$899, and should be available now.

Speeds and feeds? 1920x1200 resolution, 400cd/m² brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio (with a ridiculous 80,000:1 claimed dynamic), 178° viewing angle. Colour claims are 110 per cent CIE 1976, 96 per cent AdobeRGB, 100 per cent sRGB and 1.07 billion colours.

What else do we know? Well, we know it just arrived in our office, so it's time to stop blathering and start unpacking! On to the pictures!

The box. The box. What's in the box? Why, it's pixellated joy.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

Ah right, a puzzle. You'll have to flip the box horizontally to pull out the interlocked foam bits.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

The stand is still separate from the panel, and offers the usual height, tilt, rotate and swivel functions Dell has offered for some time.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

Stand, screen, DVI cable, power cable, USB cable, VGA cable, DisplayPort cable.

(Credit: CBS Interactive)

The official name is actually the U2410f. There's no trace of the usual "UltraSharp" branding anywhere, except the official press release.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

Two USB ports are under the tag, with all its certification logos.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

The aforementioned USB ports. Note the lack of CF card reader: it's a dying format, kiddies.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

Yep, the inputs are still crazy. DisplayPort, HDMI, dual-DVI, VGA, component, composite, 3.5mm audio out (presumably to siphon HDMI sound elsewhere), USB upstream and two USB ports.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

The completed kit. We reckon there'll be a few of these on enthusiast desks. Repeat after me: 12-bit internal processing.

Photo by: CBS Interactive

Take a bow.

Photo by: CBS Interactive
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