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The Dark Knight Rises is in cinemas this weekend -- and to get you in the bat-mood, bat-walk to your batcave and fire up the new Dark Knight bat-app on your Virgin Media TiVo.

Completing Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises sees Christian Bale's caped crusader taking on Anne Hathaway as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as masked 'n' muscled man of mayhem, Bane. The TiVo app introduces you to the new characters as well as old favourites including Michael Caine's faithful Alfred, Gary Oldman's dogged Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman's toy maker, Lucius Fox.

On your TiVo, you can watch interviews with the cast of the new film, while clips and photos from the films take you into the seething heart of Gotham City. Special trailers show the dark knight detective in action, meting out pointy-eared justice to the cowardly, superstitious lot that is the criminal element of Gotham.

If you want to don the cowl to zok! whamm! and pow! some Gotham wrong 'uns, The Dark Knight Rises is coming to iPhone, iPad and Android phones in mobile game form.

But if you want to catch up on your Bat-viewing before heading to the pictures for The Dark Knight Rises, you can start up the app and watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight on demand. And if you can't wait for the new Batman action, check out the first six minutes online.

The Dark Knight Rises hits cinemas and IMAX screens today. Where are you going to see it -- or have you already? Is it a fitting end to the trilogy? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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