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Draw Something: Steve Jobs

We received a ton of great drawings when we asked Crave readers to submit their best Draw Something creations, but Christoffer Dumlao's sketch of Steve Jobs made our jaws drop. Using an iPad and stylus, the wedding videographer from Olongapo City, Philippines, was able to add some amazing detail and shading. Chris says he's never taken any art lessons, so he's just naturally talented -- lucky.

Congrats on winning our contest, Chris, and thanks to all who submitted drawings. Click through the gallery that follows to see some of our favorites, and watch the time-lapse video below to see Chris drawing his winning sketch.

Photo by: Christoffer Dumlao

Draw Something: Avengers

Avengers assemble! Andrew Hsu of San Ramon, Calif., put in a heroic effort for this drawing of the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man.
Photo by: Andrew Hsu

Draw Something: Mozart

Here's another one from Hsu. I'm pretty sure that if Mozart ever came up on my turn, I'd force-close the app and restart to get a new set of words. As you can see, Hsu had no problem with the challenge.
Photo by: Andrew Hsu

Draw Something: The Lorax

Jeremy Flores of Alexandria, Va., channels his inner Dr. Seuss and does an incredible job of capturing the likeness of the Lorax.
Photo by: Jeremy Flores

Draw Something: Ludacris

OK, we realize that by writing out the actual answer on the drawing, Richard Shute of El Mirage, Ariz., might offend Draw Something purists, but come on, how could we not include this amazing picture of Ludacris?

Shute told us he wrote out the name because he was afraid the other player wouldn't be able to guess the correct answer. But we think he did a pretty darn good job of capturing the rapper's resemblance in this portrait.
Photo by: Richard Shute

Draw Something: Adele

Karl Robstad of Athens, N.Y., had us laughing with his portrait of Adele. The dramatic eyes, the wide-open mouth... I mean, you can practically hear her belting "Rolling in the Deep" from this drawing, can't you?
Photo by: Karl Robstad

Draw Something: Bench

Here's another one from Robstad. This appears to be a more reflective piece from the artist.
Photo by: Karl Robstad

Draw Something: Spinach

Michael Kenny of New Orleans has some strong drawing skills. Just check out his spot-on portrait of Popeye with his can of spinach. Hopefully, Bluto isn't around; otherwise, Popeye is going to open up a can of something else if you know what we mean.
Photo by: Michael Kenny

Draw Something: KFC

Another finger-lickin-good drawing by Kenny.
Photo by: Michael Kenny

Draw Something: Chainsaw

Some people are content with throwing out shapes and stick figures that sort of resemble whatever object or person they're drawing, but not Joseph Naim of Melbourne, Australia. He goes the extra mile by adding great details and colors to creations like this chainsaw.
Photo by: Joseph Naim

Draw Something: DNA

I once tried to draw DNA during a game of Draw Something with my brother, but he couldn't figure it out. I'm guessing my brother would have no problem coming up with the answer if he were playing with Naim.
Photo by: Joseph Naim

Draw Something: Seatbelt

Naim does it again with this sketch of a seatbelt. He's definitely strapped into this drawing thing.
Photo by: Joseph Naim

Draw Something: Starfish

This starfish drawing by Wen Li Khoo of Melbourne, Australia, might look a bit simple to some, but that's what we love about it. The minimalist sketch reminds us of Henri Matisse's Cut Outs collection.
Photo by: Wen Li Khoo

Draw Something: Drumset

We went wild for Loyd Calomay's interpretation of the word drumset. The Corona, Calif., resident could have gone the easy route by drawing a few circles here and there, but adding a Muppet was brilliant. Crave like!!
Photo by: Loyd Calomay

Draw Something: Luke

A good artist you are, Katrine Aaes of Copenhagen, Denmark. Aaes is a Jedi Master of Draw Something, as you can see from her picture of Luke Skywalker.
Photo by: Katrine Aaes

Draw Something: Roadkill

Another masterpiece by Aaes. Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this drawing.
Photo by: Katrine Aaes

Draw Something: Pee

We're sure some Android fans might have a thing or two to say about this drawing by Tiare Kabazawa of Honolulu, Hawaii. But you've got to admit, it's a creative way to interpret pee, right?
Photo by: Tiare Kabazawa

Draw Something: Palm tree

Paheetharan Ketheswaran of Stockton-on-Tees, England, submitted this lovely and inviting drawing of a tropical paradise. To quote Liz Lemon from "30 Rock," I want to go to there.
Photo by: Paheetharan Ketheswaran


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