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GM's smart Cadillac ATC

AT&T's fingerprints are all over the Cadillac

4G-LTE enable command center

AT&T's entertainment powers the car

Cadillac as wireless hot spot

The Cadillac's side mirror camera

The Cadillac's rear camera

Security feeds on screen

AT&T-GM media roundtable

BARCELONA, Spain--On display was one of Cadillac's more popular cars, rigged up with a 4G LTE connection from AT&T. The model, of course, isn't using AT&T's network (which doesn't yet stretch to Spain), and is more of a concept model of what can be done. Not pictured is the Chevy Malibu that was parked next to it.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
A cellular radio is built into the antenna of the Cadillac ATC, but the SIM card is in the dashboard.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
Much of the concept apps were shown on the in-dashboard screen. Notice AT&T's 4G LTE logo on the screen.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
The car has access to live streaming television courtesy of AT&T's U-Verse TV access. The connected cars will eventually be able to download apps to further augment the vehicle. The concept car was actually able to download apps from a marketplace, but the apps themselves wouldn't run.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
Thanks to its 4G LTE connection, the car can act as a hotspot for other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The common connection, meanwhile, allows a device like the iPad to access features of the car, like streaming entertainment.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
There are security cameras at the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle. The feeds can be shot over to a connected tablet or smartphone. Or you could opt to watch the feed even if you're not in the car.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
The camera sits right above the license plate holder, which is handy for parallel parking.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
In addition to getting the feeds on a phone or tablet, you can pull them up on the center dashboard. GM says that after its U.S. brands get a 4G LTE connection next year, it will work on its overseas units as well.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
From left: Mary Chan, vice president of global connected consumer at General Motors, Stephen Girsky, the vice chairman of GM, Ralph de la Vega, the CEO of AT&T Mobility, and Glenn Lurie, the head of emerging devices at AT&T. The executives hosted a roundtable discussion with the media at Mobile World Congress.
Caption by / Photo by Roger Cheng/CNET
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