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Constant Gardener

With Marvel's "Ant-Man" movie being released this month, we now have proof that it's the little details that matter most.

In that spirit, global creative agency Way To Blue has taken its magnifying glass to famous movies to suss out where there might be other "ants" hiding.

"The Constant Gardener" seems a logical place to start because ants just love gardens.

If you can think of other movies where "ants" have been spotted, tweet them to us at @crave or @CNET using #antman or #antmovie.

I'm adding "The S-ANT-a Clause" and "Bad S-ANT-a" to the mix.

Photo by: Way To Blue

The Descendants

We're just sure there were some ants crawling around the beach in this 2011 film staring George Clooney.

Photo by: Way To Blue

Fantastic Four

Who knew Ant-Man was secretly hiding out with the Fantastic Four?!

Photo by: Way To Blue

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Another "fANTastic" find.

Photo by: Way To Blue

Green Lantern

Seems Green Lantern is chummy with Ant-Man as well.

Photo by: Way To Blue

Marie Antionette

Oui oui fourmi! (That last word is French for ant, naturally.)

Photo by: Way To Blue

A Most Wanted Man

Riffing on the "wanted" theme, I suppose we can also add "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" to the list, no?

Photo by: Way To Blue

Muppets Most Wanted

Then of course, there's this one too.

Photo by: Way To Blue


With "Muppets Most Wanted" and "A Most Wanted Man" on the list, I suppose it was inevitable to also include plain ole "Wanted," the 2008 flick staring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman.

Photo by: Way To Blue

The Phantom of the Opera

While the ant here was found in the screen version of the spooky musical, "Phantom" is actually Broadway's longest-running show ever, with a total worldwide gross of more than $6 billion.

Photo by: Way To Blue

Quantum of Solace

No one's ever really been sure what the title to this James Bond movie means, but at least we now know it involves ants.

Photo by: Way To Blue


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