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Poki  is a third-party client for the Pocket bookmarking service. You can use it to save articles and videos you find around the Web and read them later -- you can even read text online.

While there are Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Pocket clients, there's been no official support for Windows Phone. Poki has stepped in to fill the gap, and it does a great job.


Very different design

Poki features a very different design from the official Pocket apps on iOS and Android. Poki's developer explains that much of that is owed to the third-party limitations in Pocket's API, but Poki still looks rather good.


Clean, simple interface

Poki piggybacks off of Pocket's text-stripping functionality, but also adds a progress tracker so you can see how far along you are in a piece.


Adding new content is easy

Once you've found something you want to save for later, just use Windows Phone's native sharing functionality to send it to Poki -- it'll be synced with Pocket, too.


Plenty of information

Poki also offers achievements: sure, they're just fluff, but it's still a fun little addition.

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