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Fat cat

Jail time

Super copter


A token is forever?

New token lineup

In a Facebook vote sponsored by Hasbro, Monopoly fans from 185 countries have chosen this cat as the newest token to join the board classic game. It garnered 31 percent of the vote, the highest out of five proposed new tokens.

Meanwhile, the least popular classic token turned out to be the iron, which had 7.6 percent support. In the final hours of the vote, the iron traded places several times with the shoe and the wheelbarrow, which received 7.9 and 7.7 percent, respectively, but ultimately lost.

Caption by / Photo by Hasbro
Hasbro staged mock prisoner lineups for the classic tokens, asking fans of Monopoly to choose which one would stay in the slammer.

The tokens originated with a suggestion from Monopoly inventor Charles Darrow's niece, who wanted to use charms on a charm bracelet.

In the 1950s, the dog, wheelbarrow, and a horse and rider replaced a lantern, purse, and rocking horse in the token set.

Caption by / Photo by Hasbro
One of the five proposed tokens, the helicopter received 15 percent support from fans, placing third. The robot, in second place, received 27 percent. The Save Your Token Campaign attracted massive attention. Even outside brands like Chevrolet, Duracell, Tropicana, and Playskool joined in, backing tokens that reflected their products in some way.
Caption by / Photo by Hasbro
Another proposed token, the guitar, garnered only 13 percent of the vote, putting it in last place.
Caption by / Photo by Hasbro
This diamond ring didn't do all that well as a possible Monopoly token, earning 14 percent of the vote and finishing fourth out of five contenders.
Caption by / Photo by Hasbro
And here it is, the new Monopoly token lineup including the latest addition, the cat. Yes, myriad online fans of Lolcats, Cheezburger cats, and all the other felines of every stripe proved too numerous for those who fought the good fight.
Caption by / Photo by Hasbro
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