There's a big change in quality between ISO 200 and ISO 400. While there's low color noise, the suppression softens things up, making things appear fuzzier.
Photo by: CNET/Matthew Fitzgerald
There was a lot of noticeable chromatic aberration (purple fringing) in my shots--both indoors and out.
Photo by: CNET/Joshua Goldman
Occasionally, the SD960 would struggle on complex scenes, giving subjects a more processed look than it did with less-demanding compositions.
Photo by: CNET/Joshua Goldman
Fairly good detail and sharpness for this little camera.
Photo by: CNET/Joshua Goldman
Along with being a 28mm wide-angle, the SD960's lens is fast, at f/2.8.
Photo by: CNET/Joshua Goldman
Canon sure knows how to get great colors, and the ones produced by the SD960 are excellent.
Photo by: CNET/Joshua Goldman
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