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Streamlined layout for vertical shooting

Significant layout changes on the back

Now with Ethernet

Top controls

Though there've been some changes, the fundamental construction--a magnesium-alloy chassis with extensive dust and weather sealing--remains.
Caption by / Photo by Canon USA
Canon made several changes to increase consistency between shooting in vertical and horizontal orientations. On the front, there are two sets of user-assignable buttons, one pair positioned for horizontal and one pair for vertical-grip shooting.
Caption by / Photo by Canon USA
There are a bunch of notable aspects to the new control layout. First, there's a dedicated Live View button. Now, the controls and readout on the left side of the body are for playback operations, while the right side has the active shooting controls. Some of the buttons as well as the multi controller are duplicated for better use with the vertical grip. And the inner ring of the control dial can be used to adjust settings while in video mode for quiet operation, while the new (to the pro bodies) Q button provides an interactive control panel that users of Canon's more mainstream are used to. The LCD is bigger as well.
Caption by / Photo by Canon USA
The 1D X incorporates a 1000BaseT Ethernet jack for faster transfers and full-control tethered shooting.
Caption by / Photo by Canon USA
The top isn't changed too much from the 1D Mark IV. There's now a direct-access button for white balance, and the flash exposure lock button is now a user-programmable function button.
Caption by / Photo by Canon USA
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