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The beautiful lighthouse at Point of Ayr in North Wales is the winning shot in a recent drone photography competition held by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority, in partnership with Visit England.

The shot, taken by amateur aerial photographer James Farley was selected from over 1,200 submissions.

The competition, "400ft Britain", aimed to not only showcase the beauty of Britain's landscape, but also highlight safe drone use and the CAA's new "Drone Code".

Following a variety of drone-related incidents in the UK, including several near misses at major airports, the CAA is focussed on emphasising safe use practices for all drone pilots, from excited amateurs to professional videographers.

Click through to see the best examples from the competition.

Photo by: CAA/James Farley

The stunning Glen Coe in Scotland by Craig Jump.

Photo by: CAA/Craig Jump

A moody Peak District shot by James Farley.

Photo by: CAA/James Farley

Cloud pouring over the cliff of West Bay, Dorset by James Loveridge

Photo by: CAA/James Loveridge

Stunning light on the Bennerley Viaduct by Paul Atherley

Photo by: CAA/Paul Atherley

Pristine blue water in Dorset by James Loveridge

Photo by: CAA/James Loveridge

The amazing bridge of the River Forth in Scotland by Fin039

Photo by: CAA/fin039

The snaking river in East Sussex by Steve Ashman

Photo by: CAA/Steve Ashman

Botany Bay in Kent by HunteAerial

Photo by: CAA/HunteAerial


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