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Coffee pods a-plenty

After scrapping the reusable My K-Cup filter on all 2.0 brewers, fans revolted, sending Keurig Green Mountain stock plummeting and forcing the brand to partially reverse its aggressive DRM.

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Keurig K200

Keurig's colorful K200 machines were on full display at the International Housewares Show earlier this year, but haven't yet hit retail.

These second-gen brewers won't work with third-party coffee pods, but they should eventually work with the My K-Cup insert.

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Nestle Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me

Keurig isn't the only brand selling proprietary pods. The $100 Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me only works with Nestle's coffee capsules and you can't brew your own grounds at all.

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Remington iCoffee Opus

We didn't love the $140 iCoffee's features or performance, but it does work with any kind of K-Cup-shaped coffee pod you crave, although there's no separate filter for coffee grounds of a non-pod origin.

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Keurig K500

This Keurig 2.0 product works really well, but what does it matter?

The brand put severe restrictions on the K500's coffee pod compatibility over the previous generation of brewers, but it is bringing back the reusable My K-Cup insert.

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Nespresso VertuoLine

Like the Dolce Gusto Mini Me, the Nespresso VertuoLine -- also by Nestle -- only works with its own coffee capsules and doesn't allow for fresh coffee grounds.

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Cuisinart SS-700

Cuisinart's $199 SS-700 single-serve machine works with Keurig-brand K-Cups and the My K-Cup accessory.

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Keurig Vue V700

The Keurig Vue V700 works with Vue coffee pods and you can buy third-party accessories that let you brew whatever brand of freshly ground coffee that you want.

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Keurig K75

Keurig's K75 works with standard K-Cups as well as the reusable My K-Cup accessory.

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Starbucks Verismo 580

Like Nestle's machines, Starbucks' Verismo 580 only works with Starbucks coffee pods and you don't have the option of adding your own coffee into the mix.

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Bunn My Cafe MCU

The Bunn My Cafe is still  the most versatile single-serve brewer around. It works with any brand of K-Cup shaped pods and has separate accessories for making hot water, using freshly-ground beans and more.

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