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MP-10 Optimus Prime

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

Blue Forest Tree House

Weighted Companion Cube

Camera Lens Mug


Wall Decals

Cocktail arcade table

Incredibly detailed costumes

The replica

Good lord; 10 inches of hard-moulded joy right here. While Takara has done Optimus in Masterpiece form twice before — once without a trailer and once with — the MP-10 brings him closer to his animated roots, with a remoulded head, long smoke stacks, gold hip detail and redone front grille. If this isn't a testament to being awake at 6am for Saturday morning cartoons, then we don't know what is.

Caption by / Photo by Takara

See that guy's expression? That's the expression of someone who just had a love convulsion after firing the incredible ridiculousness that is the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS. Seriously, half of his insides are on the floor right now.

With an 18-dart clip, the thing requires six D batteries to work, and even has a blast shield, should you take your office warfare very seriously. We can't wait to see Nerf riot shields.

Want to see it in action? Fast-forward to 2:37 for the goods.

Back this up with a modified Vulcan, and it's all over for the opposing force.

Caption by / Photo by Hasbro

You need somewhere epic to put all your epic toys — and what better place than a tree house? A custom epic tree house, is what.

UK-based Blue Forest makes incredible tree houses. Who needs a basement when you can live in the sky?

Caption by / Photo by Blue Forest

This is a triumph.

Caption by / Photo by Valve Software

Whether you're a Canon boy or a Nikon girl (heavy innuendo warning), a lens-themed mug or thermos is a quick path to representing as a pro photographer.

Caption by / Photo by

OK, the list here is endless, but can we suggest Fire Temple, Mobile Crane and Passenger Train? Not impressive enough? How about the freaking Super Star Destroyer Executor?

Caption by / Photo by Lego

We admit that this one's a cheat; they're not quite toys, but if you've ever wanted to feel like a kid again, this is one of the best ways to transport you back in time. You can even choose from Nintendo or Atari wall decals. Decorate further with some mushrooms and question-mark blocks, and you're on your way to childhood bliss.

Just don't forget to install the secret passage...

Caption by / Photo by Think Geek

Got a few grand kicking around? Prefer to do it authentically, rather than just hook a control panel up to your TV? Why not dish out for ye ol' sit-down arcade machine? Sure, you could buy nine PlayStation 3s for the same cost, but it's all about authenticity. No geek cave should be without.

Or you could always get an arcade machine with a keg inside it. Just saying.

Caption by / Photo by Arcade Tables

Whether you're a Stormtrooper, a She-Ra or a Master Chief, there are some amazingly detailed costumes out there that don't look like hastily cobbled-together licensed money generators.

If only the Batman didn't have such a ridiculously mutated head.

Can't afford the full costume? You can always just get the helmet.

Caption by / Photo by Lucasfilm

Overpriced? Sure. Incredible geek cred? Absolutely. There's nothing quite like an authentic replica to get your peers drooling with jealousy.

Whether it's from video games, more video games, classic movies, more classic movies, epic movies that keep being altered or TV shows that will live on forever, it's the perfect addition to make a room "more you".

Of course, you could always just build your own.

Caption by / Photo by ThinkGeek
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