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Yep, it's a smoke detector

Black and red

White and green

Pastel shades

Woodgrain pine

Oak finish

Black and shiny

Silver, too

Bright red

Good as gold

A bit more modest

Ceiling camouflage

Any shade you like

Want something a little more high concept staring down at you from the ceiling? German manufacturer Pyrexx has just the thing, with smoke detectors that come in a lot more colors than boring old white. Click through to see what we're talking about.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

How's that for a more modern smoke detector? You can get this black and bold finish with a brightly colored accent in the middle. If red's not your thing, you've got plenty of other options -- blue, yellow, green, you name it.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

The same goes for models with a white finish.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

If you're turning an old back room into a nursery, why not outfit it with smoke protection in an appropriate pastel shade? Pyrexx offers several, like this lavender model.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

They also offer woodgrain models for a more rustic look.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

If that pine model is too bright, you could consider this darker oak finish, instead.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

For the truly bold, Pyrexx offers smoke detectors outfitted with Swarovski crystals.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

Here's a similar model in silver.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

If you like a little more color with your bling, then this shiny red model is for you.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

Of course, no line of blinged out smoke detectors would be complete without a model in gold.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

There's also a gold model that comes without the crystals. You know. In case you're feeling humble.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrex

If you'd rather your smoke detectors blended in than stood out, Pyrexx offers models that camouflage their way into high-profile ceiling prints.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx

The Pyrexx PX-1 smoke detector starts at £28 (converts to about $45, AU$60). There's also a model called the PX-1C that adds in Wi-Fi smarts and sells for £83 ($130, AU$170). Pyrexx isn't selling the things in the US just yet, but says that international expansion is in the cards.

Caption by / Photo by Pyrexx
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