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update It's nearing Rugby World Cup (RWC) time at this year's host country, New Zealand, so if you've booked your tickets and are counting down the days till the footy starts, here are some apps that will help you find your way around all the sheep in New Zealand.

In this app wrap, you'll find a number of handy guides, attractions and games for when you can peel yourself away from the footy matches.

For some great travel apps, you can see our best free travel apps round-up. And, once you return — or even while you're still there — you can share your photos of the RWC and New Zealand on CNET Australia's Gone Walkabout.

Let us know of any apps you're using for the rugby in the comments below.

Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7

Stay on top of the teams, scores, match schedules, stadium information and so much more during the Rugby World Cup. In between games, you can also check out what's on in New Zealand. This is a very handy app to have, indeed.

Caption by / Photo by International Rugby Board

Android, iPhone

Yes, we know it was used during the soccer World Cup, but perhaps you'd like to bring that magical sound back for the Rugby World Cup.

BlackBerry users can use Vuvuzela Free for Football fans, created by Mmmooo.

Caption by / Photo by Aculocity

Android, iPhone

It'd be very un-Australian of us to not mention sheep when we're talking about New Zealand. So here's a game that will preoccupy you during the quiet moments of the rugby. The game is simple: launch the sheep into the sky and keep tapping the screen to make the woolly fella fly high and collect as many stars as you can.

Caption by / Photo by Kronos Games


Woolen Sheep lets you play as either the farmer trying to stop his sheep from escaping the field, or as a sheep trying to escape from the farm. It's a simple but very engrossing game.

Caption by / Photo by XIMAD

Android: AU$1.02, iPhone: AU$0.99
Android, iPhone

While watching the rugby, why not play a little game yourself on your smartphone? Flick Kick Rugby does pretty much what its namesake suggests; flick the footy with your finger, aiming the ball at the goal posts.

Caption by / Photo by Pik Pok

Android, iPhone

Lost your voice from cheering on your team? Then let your phone do all the applauding for you!

Caption by / Photo by Ronald Bell

Android, iPhone

See New Zealand in a different way with augmented reality. Digital information is laid on top of what your smartphone can see to display the area in a different way that can't be seen with the naked eye.

Caption by / Photo by Layar


So you've taken photos of the footy, but before you hit send and show it off to your social network, PicSay lets you add word balloons and graphics, as well as allowing you to colour correct and distort photos.

Caption by / Photo by ShinyCore


This photo editing app lets you touch up photos, crop, colour and add special effects. You'll be making those photos of the footy look fabulous before you show it off to your mates.

Caption by / Photo by Pankaj Goswami

Android, iPhone

This is a handy all-round app that will help you find things to do, where to shop, what's nearby and how to get there. Also included are 100 self-driving journeys that you can take once the RWC is over ... or, heaven forbid, your country has lost the match and you no longer care about the rugby.

Caption by / Photo by Limited

Android, iPhone

This app was created by Auckland's Tourism Organisation. It's nice and simple, in that it shows you what activities, events and attractions are in Auckland.

Caption by / Photo by Tourism Auckland


This was created by the city council of Hamilton, which will help you find entertainment, activities and dining choices within the city.

Caption by / Photo by Hamilton City Council

iPhone: Free; Android: AU$1.49
Android, iPhone

The New Zealand Travel Guide app is almost like a history guide, letting you know about the country's heritage. It also prepares you on what to expect when you visit New Zealand, including money matters, visa, what the climate is like at that time of year and so much more.

Caption by / Photo by World Travel Guides


Just like its namesake says, it has maps of Dunedin that don't need an internet connection. So all you footy fans can't get lost while trying to find your way to the stadium and then back to your hotel (or local pub).

Caption by / Photo by AHI Infotech

Lite version: Free; full version: US$4.99
iPhone: Wellington, Auckland

This app is filled with self-guided walks around the chosen city you've downloaded — either Wellington or Auckland (there's even one for Christchurch if you venture away from the RWC). What's more is that the maps are offline! No internet connection, and no surprising data roaming fees when you return home.

Caption by / Photo by


This is an offline map of Palmerston North, where some of the RWC matches will be held. It can be used to search for addresses, landmarks or even to bookmark a location.

Caption by / Photo by NiceTrip2010

Android: Wellington and Auckland

We combined these apps into one slide, as they are by the same creator and do the same thing, but for different cities in New Zealand. One is for Wellington, the other for Auckland. They're both timetables for buses, trains and ferries, and are regularly updated (yes, you'll need internet to use this) to show real-time information.

For iPhone users, there is Transit Times Wellington and Auckland, which cost AU$1.99 each to download.

Caption by / Photo by Warrick Gray


This app was created by Air New Zealand, and it lets you plan your travel to the footy capital. Flights can be booked via the app, and you can look up various activities that can be had at each region, as well as the customary maps and Wi-Fi finder. It's a good all-round app to have on your phone.

Caption by / Photo by Air New Zealand


For those who are unaccustomed to Kiwi slang, then this app is a must-have and should be downloaded before you step foot in the country. And just so you know, Kiwi is both a bird and the nickname for New Zealanders.

Caption by / Photo by Kolar Design Pty Ltd


This app not only tells you the weather forecast, but it also charts tidal data and tells you the moon phases.

Caption by / Photo by Orsome

Android, iPhone, BlackBerry

XE Currency is wonderfully simple, which is all you need for a foreign currency calculator. You won't be confused with how much a schooner of beer or a hot dog actually costs in your home currency. You can add as many currencies as you like, and calculate the amount you require from any one of the currencies with a simple press of the finger.

Caption by / Photo by


OK, so you're going to watch the RWC, but do you actually know what a drop kick, a dummy or even a mulligrubber is? The Rugby Expert acts like a dictionary, which will explain all of that rugby jargon for you.

For Android users, there is the Rugby Glossary app for AU$1.18.

Caption by / Photo by Stimulus


If you couldn't go to New Zealand to watch the rugby, then download the Heineken Rugby Clubhouse app. It lets you get in on the action, by letting you kick penalty goals in the same conditions as the rugby player at the exact same time as it's happening in New Zealand. Yup, you read right, it'll be in real time!

The app also has other rugby goodies, such as a training challenge, match replays and the Heineken Rugby Clubhouse Finder, where you can join mates in some of Australia's hotels that are playing the matches on telly.

Caption by / Photo by Holler Sydney
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