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Christmas Gift Guide

Color Me!!! Easter Free

FlipEggs — Easter Edition


Bunny Beat

Egg A Sketch

Wood Puzzle Easter Colors


Doodle Jump: HOP The Movie

Egg vs. Chicken

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Special Easter Edition

It's that time of year when bunnies, chickies and rainbow-coloured eggs explode into profusion, and the land of apps is no different. Here is a collection of fun little apps in the spirit of the season.


Now you can paint Easter eggs without the mess and fuss of dealing with real eggs! Color Me features one-touch colouring and a large palette for a lot of colouring options, as well as a big library of Easter scenes to colour-in.

Caption by / Photo by SID On

Memory games are loads of fun, and this one is not only cute, it's also themed for one of our favourite rainbow-hued celebrations, with twelve sets of brightly coloured eggs and a hidden Easter bunny in each level.

Caption by / Photo by TropicalPixels & Jeffrey Sambells

Remember the thrill of hunting eggs at the bottom of the garden? This app is exactly like that. Well, not exactly. A bit like that. There are a number of golden eggs in each pretty garden scene for you to hunt down and find.

Caption by / Photo by Cogniflame

We don't know much about the new film Hop, but the rabbit's got that cute thing going on, and this game's a fun little rhythm exercise. Press buttons on the screen in mimicry of the bunny's antics on the drums.

Caption by / Photo by Universal Pictures International

This is another egg-painting game, but this time your egg is three-dimensional. Choose your base colour, brush and paint, and set your egg to spinning in one of a number of directions to create your ovoid masterpiece.

Caption by / Photo by Applied Voices

This is just a fun little puzzle game with Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies depicted in quite a pretty wood-like finish. As well as offering puzzles, it's also an exercise in learning colours, with colour names given in both English and Spanish.

Caption by / Photo by Tropisounds Corporation

This puzzle game would stand on its own quite well, but here it has the added bonus of Easter eggs! The aim is to match eggs in rows in three different directions to clear them out of the carton before they crack.

Caption by / Photo by Paul Burkey

This is a free version of Doodle Jump also featuring the bunny from Hop. It also changes the gameplay a little by introducing finite levels with an end objective, and a painterly Easter theme. We're pleased to see the Lima Sky dudes doing well.

Caption by / Photo by Lima Sky & Universal Studios

It's the age-old conundrum: which came first? Egg vs. Chicken is a combination puzzle/strategy game where, as the eggs, you must fight off the hordes of marauding chickens. Why chickens would be marauding eggs is anyone's guess, but just relax and have fun.

Caption by / Photo by PlayFirst

Everyone loves Beatrix Potter. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. This app is an interactive version of her beloved Peter Rabbit tale, with an option to choose either the straight story in colour or an interactive puzzle version.

Caption by / Photo by OnceUponAnApp
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