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Track a variety of activities with Argus

A quick, intense daily workout

A humorous approach to fitness

The ultimate calorie counter

A surprisingly accurate heart rate tool

Track steps with Jawbone

Improve your sleeping patterns with Sleepio

An activity app for runners and cyclists

Argus is a health tracker that counts your steps and much more. The app sets itself apart with a hexagon design and fun social features.

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This app approaches fitness with an intense, short workout you can fit into any part of your day. Each workout lasts only seven minutes.

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Carrot Health helps you get in shape by essentially berating you for not working out. This one's for the thick-skinned, but it's a health app that has a sense of humor.

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If you want to track every single calorie you eat, the Fitness Pal app is perfect for you. With a clean layout, you can easily log every meal using its expansive food library.

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Using your iPhone's camera flash, this app reliably measures your heart rate and exports it into Health.

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The Jawbone Up's companion app for iOS displays daily stats for the steps you've taken and time slept.

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Sleep is essential for good health and Sleepio makes it easy to track your sleep patterns and give you insights into your nighttime habits.

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Avid cyclists and runners will appreciate Strava's expertise in tracking your activities. The app uses GPS to map out the routes you take and even lets you track personal records.

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