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Barnes & Noble goes color

Previous Nook e-book readers utilized black-and-white e-ink screens, but the Nook Color boasts a 7-inch color LCD.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew


B&N is making a bigger push into kids' content with its new Nook Kids brand that features 130 "digital picture books" designed to take advantage of such color devices as the Nook Color and the iPad.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Take a memo

Note-taking and highlighting are supported.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Going social

The Nook Color makes it easy to share excerpts via e-mail or social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

"4-letter word for e-book reader"

The Nook Color will support games, such as crossword puzzles.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Home sweet homescreen

The Nook Color offers customizable homescreens that you can swipe between--just like with an Android smartphone.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Not just a reader

There's no app store, but B&N will add select media functions to the reader, such as Pandora, and a media player.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Browse the Web

A built-in Web browser lets you surf the Internet. There's no support for Flash right now, but Barnes & Noble says it's coming via a 2011 firmware upgrade.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

More kid stuff

Here's another look at a children's book on the Nook Color.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

2 million titles and counting

Selection is a big attraction when choosing an e-book reader. Barnes & Noble claims to have more than 2 million titles in its store.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Power up

A standard Micro-USB port handles charging and syncing media from a PC.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Where's the dust jacket?

The Nook Color has a rubberized backside. The battery is sealed, iPad-style.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Expandable storage

The Nook Color has 8GB of on-board storage, plus it offers expansion via a microSD slot.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Tablet or e-reader?

Previous E-ink Nook models remain available, but Barnes & Noble is hoping the leap to color will distinguish the Nook Color from Amazon's E-ink-only offerings.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew

Coming mid-November

The Nook Color is scheduled to ship November 19, but preorders are being accepted now.
Photo by: CNET/Sarah Tew


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