Radio Shack's Auvio line includes a handful of models that range from the very cheap ($15) to the top-of-the-line In-Ear Armature headphones featured here. This set goes for a still-affordable $80, though it's practically impossible to recommend them over the comparatively priced Klipsch Image S4.
The Auvio In-Ear headphones are fairly standard in design--nothing about the look of the 'buds stands out, though that could be a positive for some. The earpieces are slightly tapered so they resemble miniature cupcakes with angled, oversize candles sticking out of the top for the sound ports.
Onto these you can attach one of the six sets of eartips that come in the package. We definitely appreciate the fact that three of these are Comply Foam Tips in various sizes. The compressible material tends to offer the most secure and comfortable fit as well as block out the most outside noise.
Descending from the Auvio earpieces, which are available in two color options (black or blue)--is a black cord that measures 4 feet and terminates in a gold-plated straight plug. The cable is a bit of a mixed bag.
Although the longer bottom segment is impressively thick and flexible, the upper section is thin and the area that attaches to the 'buds seems weak. Only time will tell how these may hold up in the long run.
On the plus side, there's a slider at the Y to help prevent tangles when the earphones are not in use, and the package includes a nice travel pouch with two compartments.
Sadly, our praise of the Auvio In-Ear Armature headphones ends there. Sound quality is just not up to snuff. Audio is mediocre at best. The only upshot is the superior passive noise isolating capability.


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