The EeePC is surprisingly well built and quite an attractive laptop, considering the AU$499 price point.

A 10/100 Ethernet port, modem, USB2.0 port, headphone and microphone jacks.

Two more USB ports, and VGA out.

A Webcam sits at the top, speakers straddling each side of the screen. A huge array of software comes pre-installed, including OpenOffice, Pidgin, Skype and even some games.

The EeePC currently runs off a modified Linux distribution called Xandros -- ASUS hopes to bundle with XP Home shortly for around AU$50 more.

The elegance of an ultraportable, and only 0.92kg.

It features Wireless b/g, and is pre-set up with many links to Google applications and Wikipedia. The hope is not only that these would make a great laptop for primary school kids, but that schools could use them as a sort of "mobile lab", handing laptops out as required to be shared between classes.

Featuring a 7-inch screen, 512MB RAM, 4G solid state storage and a four-cell battery, it's perfectly aimed for first time PC users, or those who just need a basic yet powerful and portable feature set.

Upon entry to the launch, attendees were handed a white rose and the piano was being played by a very talented young girl.

The education theme was pushed hard -- look! It fits in a school bag! Apparently it's also lighter than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Ted Chen, Managing Director of ASUS Australia is very pleased with the product, which will be initially selling through Myer on 1 December.

Some talented young dancers were crowd pleasers.

Apparently you can use a laptop while holding a soccer ball under one arm.

Ah, not just a school thing -- apparently it's good for the whole family!

The kids that are the "faces" of the EeePC.

More dancing.

Even more dancing.

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