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Getting touchy feely

Basic controls

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Pay for purchases

Edit video quickly

Swipe through images

Turn it up

Find the perfect emoji

Apple introduced three MacBook Pros today, two of which feature a novel Touch Bar. This bar is a touch-sensitive OLED pad that changes function depending on what application you're using. Read on to find out the many uses the Touch Bar has.

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Before its unveiling, many worried that Apple got rid of the Esc(ape) key. But fear not, it still exists within the Touch Bar, as well as other general control keys.

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The Touch Bar can read your fingerprint, meaning you can sign into your user account with just a touch.

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Your Touch ID fingerprint can also authorize payments online.

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If you edit video, scrubbing through scenes becomes easier with the Touch Bar.

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You can also swipe through photos and images easily.

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The Touch Bar also has keys for editing and listening to audio files and songs.

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With emoji integration, finding the right emoji to express yourself can go a lot quicker.

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