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iPhoto '11: Full-screen modes

iPhoto '11: New slideshow themes

iPhoto '11: Sharing

iPhoto '11: Facebook albums

iPhoto '11: Facebook tagging

iPhoto '11: Books theme

iPhoto '11: Books layout

iPhoto '11: Letterpress card builder

iPhoto '11: Letterpress card result

iMovie '11: Movie trailers

iMovie '11: Audio editing

iMovie '11: New effects

iMovie '11: Sports and news themes

GarageBand '11: Groove Matching

GarageBand '11: Amp effects

The new version of iPhoto offers an array of full-screen modes for viewing events, Faces, Places, albums, and projects. You can also do all of your editing in this mode, as shown in the screenshot here.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
The app includes a variety of new slideshow themes, but one of the most compelling is the Places pin mode shown here. It aims to tell a trip-based story and looks pretty neat.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
iPhoto now creates complete themes within an e-mail message. There are eight to choose from, and you can even rearrange photos from within the compose screen of the e-mail.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
The program has also expanded its Facebook integration. For example, once your account is linked, you can browse albums from your profile from within iPhoto.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
In addition, you can tag your friends from within the software, rather than having to enter Facebook separately.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
Apple has made noticeable upgrades to the book creation feature in iPhoto. Here you can see the dynamic theme browser, which lays out your project in a carousel for easy viewing.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
Autoflow is now purportedly smarter, laying out your photos automatically in the order they were taken. There's also a new layout view that lets you see the entire arrangement of your book on a single screen.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
For those who miss iCards, Apple has added a new printing feature to iPhoto '11. You can build them easily from the theme carousel shown here.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
Each card is printed on premium card stock and features a textured overlay on the front as well as a matching envelope. There are currently 15 themes to choose from.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
The most exciting addition to the new iMovie is the ability to easily create movie trailers for your videos. You can add your own titles, cast, credits, and even a studio name.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
The app also attempts to make audio editing even easier with a highlighted track and real-time previews of fade-in changes.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
There are a handful of new auto effects in iMovie. Select "instant replay" to automatically insert text over a particular scene and have it repeated in slow motion. There's also "flash and hold" and "jump and cut to beats."
Caption by / Photo by Apple
The video-editing program already included several themes; Apple has now added some geared for sports and news.
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GarageBand '11 doesn't have a huge amount of updates, but one major addition is a feature called Groove Matching. It lets you easily select tracks that play at different speeds and get them in sync.
Caption by / Photo by Apple
Finally, you get 7 new guitar amps for a total of 12. You can also reproduce the sound of classic foot pedals with 5 new stomp box effects, which brings the choices to 15 in all.
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