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GridConnect ConnectSense Smart Outlet

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage

Elgato Eve

iHome SmartPlug

iDevices Switch

Schlage Sense smartlock

Insteon Hub

Not merely your run-of-the-mill smart plug, the GridConnect ConnectSense links to iOS devices via HomeKit, features its own rule-based software, and speaks the ZigBee Wi-Fi wireless protocol.

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Another piece of hardware on the Apple HomeKit nice list is the MyQ Smart Garage. It lets you open and close your garage door from anywhere with an Internet connection, set custom alerts and remotely monitor whether your garage door is open.

Caption by / Photo by Colin West McDonald/CNET

Make way for a fresh smart home platform, this one brought to you by company Elgato. Called Eve, the system will encompass a wide range of electronic sensors and tracking motion, weather, air quality, water usage, electricity and sniffing for smoke.

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Boasting Apple HomeKit compatibility, the iHome Smart Plug lets you control virtually any appliance that uses a wall socket through Siri. The device can also link to an Android app if that’s more your speed.

Caption by / Photo by Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Meet the iDevices Switch, one of the first gadgets to officially support Apple's HomeKit smart-home platform. The Switch has the power to turn ordinary appliances into connected home products and can serve as a hub for other HomeKit gizmos.

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Another smart lock to add remote control as well as a smart phone connection is the Schlage Sense. The high-tech deadbolt also sports a wireless Bluetooth radio and it plays nice with Apple HomeKit.

Caption by / Photo by Ry Crist/CNET

Insteon now has an Apple HomeKit version of its smart home hub which will cost $150 (about £100 or AU$185). Be advised, however, that this particular iOS-friendly gadget uses a combination of power line wired networking and a proprietary radio frequency to link connected home elements together.

Caption by / Photo by Insteon
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