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Mona Lisa on a tablet display

Louvre goes to the dogs

Venus de iPhone

Shuffling art like an iPod

Delete this painting

Tablet art appreciation

Banksy invades the Louvre

French artist Leo Caiillard explores the idea of what will happen with our digital creations years down the line. This mashup of Apple designs and the Louvre Museum depicts the Mona Lisa being displayed on an oversized iPad. If Leonardo da Vinci was a digital artist today, would his work end up like this?
Caption by / Photo by Leo Caillard
Depictions of dogs often appear in classical art. Leo Caillard mixes Facebook, the Louvre, and cute dog portraits together into a fictional gallery of adorable pooch art with attentive visitors sketching their own versions on tablets.
Caption by / Photo by Leo Caillard
For his series "Art Game," French artist Leo Caillard uses Photoshop to manipulate pictures into an alternate world view. In this image, a Venus de Milo-style statue wrangles a visitor's iPhone away from him and holds it hostage.
Caption by / Photo by Leo Caillard
If the digital world were to blend seamlessly with the physical art world, then the Louvre would feature an iPod-like shuffle setting where visitors could flip between masterpieces. Leo Caillard's visual creations play with the place of digital design within the traditional world of art.
Caption by / Photo by Leo Caillard
"Do you want to delete this work?" Leo Caillard adds a computer-style prompt on top of an epic masterpiece painting. If some of today's masterpieces are only in digital form, then how precarious is their existence? Caillard manipulated a series of images to combine Apple design with the Louvre Museum.
Caption by / Photo by Leo Caillard
A seated marble statue contemplates a portrait displayed on a large Apple-style tablet. Artist Leo Caillard asks questions about the permanence of today's digital creations. Will they one day be displayed at the Louvre like the masterpieces of old or will they disappear in a jumble of bytes?
Caption by / Photo by Leo Caillard
Street artist Banksy makes an appearance in Leo Caillard's imaginary version of the Louvre Museum. In Caillard's vision, Apple product design and the famed museum meld into an exploration of digital work and longevity. Here, Banksy's depiction of a maid is on display in a digital format.
Caption by / Photo by Leo Caillard
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