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Microsoft Surface Pro

It's difficult to go wrong with the good ol' Surface Pro. Microsoft's tablet has been top of the heap for years now, with the latest update boasting improved battery life and a more flexible kickstand. 

You can pick one up from AU$1,199, but make sure you go with the model powered by an Intel core i5, not the Intel core m3 processor. 

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Huawei MediaPad M3

The Windows Surface Pro is great, but its top models go well ever AU$2,000. If you're after something simpler, Huawei's MediaPad M3 is one to look at. 

It runs on Android, making it more of an iPad competitor. It's not something you'd want to do a lot of work on, but it's a very capable media device. You can get it from AU$585.

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iPad, 9.7 inch

Speaking of the iPad, Apple's tablets are always worth considering. The 9.7-inch iPad this year received support for Apple Pencil, making it more appealing for creatives, as well as a faster A10 processor. It starts at AU$469.

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iPad Pro, 12 inch

If you're already sold on iOS and want something more from your tablet, the iPad Pro is for you. It's not cheap, with the 12.9-inch model starting at AU$1,189, but thanks to a solid range of accessories, it's a strong choice for both creative and business types who like to do some work on the move. 

There's also a 10.5-inch version that can be bought from AU$879.

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iPad Pro, 12.9 inch

Here's the 12.9-inch Pro in laptop form. 

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Apple is known for making the most stylish devices, but Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 is as elegant as tablets get. Part of that is it's terrific AMOLED display. 

The 9.7-inch tablet starts at AU$945, and there's the option for an accessory keyboard case for AU$174. 


Lenovo Tab 4

Sometimes simple is better. Lenovo's Tab 4 is a basic tablet, but in the best way. It's affordable, at AU$178, but has a sharp 8-inch screen and a long battery life, making it a solid tablet for reading and Netflix.

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Samsung Galaxy Book

This is one for those of you who want a productivity tablet but don't feel quite right about the Windows Surface Pro. 

The Samsung Galaxy Book has an excellent screen, strong performance and long battery life. Plus, 4G connectivity, its keyboard cover and stylus are all included in the $1,799 price.

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