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Support for touch operating systems

Character Animator


Face Tracker


Premiere's new color workspace

Project Candy

Project Candy real-time view

Like some of the design applications, Adobe has updated Premiere and After Effects for better operation on touch-focused devices like the Surface.

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This new application lets you use your Webcam to control character facial movements.

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Character Animator has parameters to control the intensity and location of every control point. Wiggliness should really be scaled from concrete to Jell-O.

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In the After Effects Face Tracker, it can automatically parse and place control points, with user-controlled precision, for applying effects across frames.

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Premiere and After Effects finally receive support for Libraries, a Creative Cloud feature that rolled out to the design apps and applications last fall.

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Color grading gets a workspace that coheres a lot of Premiere's disparate tools and views.

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Though its name is still TBD, Project Candy is an iOS augmented-reality app that creates color looks that you can tweak and apply to video.

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The app has a split view that shows you the original image and palette as you apply it to a video, and lets you play with the color choices, saturation and midtone colors.

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