Acoustic Research XSight Color AARX15G

The entry-level XSight remote will be available for $180 when it hits in spring 2009.
Photo by: Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research XSight Touch AARX18G

The step-up XSight remote includes a touch screen and built-in RF.
Photo by: Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research ARW51

The Acoustic Research ARW51 can convert any 5.1 surround speaker system to "wireless" operation. Connect the base-station transmitter to your AV source (the AV receiver), and each of the wireless receivers to one of the speakers. The caveat, of course, is that each wireless receiver needs to be plugged into a power outlet, and wired to each speaker--which could mean for more (albeit shorter) cables. The ARW51 will retail for $600 when it hits later in 2009.
Photo by: Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research ARW20

The wireless system is also available in a stereo configuration, the $250 ARW20.
Photo by: Acoustic Research

Acoustic Research ARWR2

The ARW51/ARW20 system is expandable--just add an ARWR2 ($100, built-in 60-watt amp) for each additional channel you want to mirror.
Photo by: Acoustic Research

5.1 channel-ready

The wireless transmitter accepts standard speaker-wire and subwoofer-level outputs from your AV receiver and beams them to the individual channel receivers, which are connected to each speaker.
Photo by: Acoustic Research
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