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Once upon a Petting Zoo

Though it's structured more like an interactive picture book than an actual game, Petting Zoo is still an excellent and entertaining app for kids. It is available now for iOS, with an Android version coming in the next few weeks.

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Twenty-one quirky chapters

The app contains drawings, each of which constitutes as a chapter. However, there is no overall narrative story that takes place. Instead, it simply contains 21 of Niemann's hand-drawn animals that each react in different ways to five swipe movements (up, down, left, right, and center tap).

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Go Dachshund, go, go!

Swipe down and this Dachshund will start break dancing his little Dachshund heart out.

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The clear elephant in the room

Relaxed and fully composed, you can help this elephant wash itself in a bath.

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Put a smile on that face

Though it looks menacing, this crocodile's teeth can be played similar to a harp. Just try not to prick your finger.

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Let me get that for you

Don't worry, the giraffe doesn't bite. He only wants to clean your mobile screen from the inside out.

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Swipe and tap this little guy's way through all three teacups.

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If it can be combed, it's not over

You can tap different parts of this porcupine to grow out his spikes and play some notes.

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Bad kitty

This dainty butterfly unexpectedly shows the jumping cat exactly who's boss.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET
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