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Microsoft is showing off a number of prototype and early-stage programs for the Windows Phone 7 Series at its Mix10 conference in Las Vegas on Monday. The company is also outlining how developers can write their own programs using Silverlight and XNA Game Studio.

Here, for example, is a prototype Associated Press news reading application designed for the phones. A panoramic user experience incorporates news, social networks, and photos.

Photo by: Microsoft

Battle Punks

Based on a game in private beta on Facebook, Battle Punks shows some of the social experiences that will be possible on Windows Phone 7 Series. It has 3D customizable characters and turn-based gameplay.

Developers will be able to write games for Windows Phone 7 Series devices using the XNA Game Studio software originally developed for writing Xbox games.

Photo by: Microsoft

Colorizer demo

With simple finger flicks, people can create photo effects like this using the Windows Phone 7 Series Colorizer application. With one click, images can then be shared on sites such as Windows Live and Facebook.
Photo by: Microsoft

Windows Phone as comic book

A comic book reader from the site Graphicly, as developed for the Windows Phone using Silverlight's Deep Zoom feature.
Photo by: Microsoft

Be the mayor of your Windows Phone

A prototype Windows Phone version of the popular location-based Foursquare service.
Photo by: Microsoft

Windows Phone goes splat

Microsoft says it was able to port Goo Splat, originally developed in XNA for the Zune HD, in under an hour.
Photo by: Microsoft

A gaming Harvest

Developed in about three weeks in XNA Game Studio by Luma Arcade, The Harvest is a proof-of-concept game that shows how developers can combine a 3D gaming, use of Xbox Live Achievements, and destructible terrain.
Photo by: Microsoft

Digital diary

With graphics that evoke an old diary with a lock and key, Hush Hush uses Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 Series devices to allow creation of mixed-media diaries of text, audio, photos, and video.
Photo by: Microsoft


A Major League Soccer application shows how the Windows Phone can be used for live tracking of sporting events. The program lets fans track their favorite teams in real time, get notifications, and watch video highlights.
Photo by: Microsoft

Microsoft's puppet

Built by Archetype International, Marionette is an application that shows how programs can take advantage of the accelerometer and audio processing power of Windows Phone 7 Series. Here, Microsoft executive Scott Guthrie appears as a talking puppet.
Photo by: Microsoft

Tweeting from the Windows Phone

A prototype from Seesmic shows Twitter application that makes extensive use of location information. The company is highlighting the fact it was able to develop software in Silverlight that can run on Windows Phones, Macs, and Nokia devices.
Photo by: Microsoft


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