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From attachments to slideshows

Opening Office docs via the Web

Photos in Hotmail

Sweeping clean the in-box

Hotmail's new "active view" uses Silverlight to allow photos to show in a fancy slideshow, as opposed to just as a series of attachments that need to be downloaded.
Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
Office documents sent to Hotmail can be opened via Microsoft's new browser-based Office Web Apps, meaning that the recipient no longer needs their own copy of Office installed to view or edit documents.
Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
A look at how a message full of photos appears when sent from the new Hotmail. The photos themselves are uploaded to an online Skydrive folder.
Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
Hotmail's new "sweep" feature lets users take all the messages from a particular sender and either delete them or sweep them into a particular folder. Optionally, that same action can be taken on future messages from the sender.
Caption by / Photo by Microsoft
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