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BlackBerry users have been tucking into their App World for a while now, but unlike iPhoners with their iTunes, there's been no music store to keep them rocking their 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Now 7digital, the online MP3 store, has stepped in with a jazzy new BlackBerry app that serves as both store and player for owners of the BlackBerry Bold (pictured), Curve 8900 and Storm, with the Curve 8520 on its way.

The app is available starting today to BlackBerriers in the UK, US and five other countries, showing 7digital's laudable navigation of the maze of international music rights. If you have one of the supported phones, you can get the app from the BlackBerry App Market or by going to on your phone's Web browser.

7digital also announced its site is launching in the US and Canada, bringing our friends over the pond MP3s at the paltry price of 77 cents, compared to the 79p we pay in the UK. Hmph.

Click 'Continue' to see the new music maker in action in our hands-on photos.

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After opening the 7digital app, hitting the left convenience key opens the 7digital store menu, which looks like it was inspired by Web navigation. From here, you can browse and search the store.
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Pressing the right convenience key opens the menu for the music player, where you can search and browse the music that's on your phone. The player supports Bluetooth streaming so you can listen on wireless headphones or whatever. The app runs happily in the background so your music plays on while you do other things on your phone.
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You can preview songs in the store before buying, and we found previews downloaded quickly even over Wi-Fi, but took about 5 seconds over our 3G connection. If you're not connected to Wi-Fi, downloads come down at a low bit-rate 64kbps version so you can listen right away. Once you get on Wi-Fi, the app automatically downloads the higher bit-rate 320kbps MP3 you paid for.
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The player's home screen shows the same featured artist links you'd see on the 7digital Web site. If you've already bought MP3s from 7digital, you can download them again for free on to your BlackBerry using the app.
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