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An astonishing new building concept will tunnel 65 storeys below the centre of Mexico City.

Mexico City laws prevent buildings being built that are more than eight storeys high in order to preserve the historic skyline. The building concept -- dubbed the 'Earthscraper' by Mexican architecture firm BNKR Arquitectura -- aims to get around such pesky rules by tunneling straight down in an upside-down pyramid shape.

As there will be no construction rising above ground level, the iconic city square and surrounding buildings will remain untouched.

The modern day Mexico City is built upon the older ruins dating back to the original Aztec inhabitants. Rather than demolish or spread out, each new generation has built on top of existing structures, effectively creating an architectural Victoria sponge cake. The proposed structure will dig "down through the layers of cities to uncover our roots", ArchDaily explains.

The 65 floors will be taken up by living space, offices and even a huge museum, built around the edges of the pyramid. In the middle will be a central void allowing natural light to enter the building while also allowing "the life of the Earthscraper to blend with everything happening on top."

The top of the structure will be covered by a glass roof, allowing people to walk across the enormous hole -- if they're particularly brave. The roof presumably also stops the building filling up with water and ruining all that shiny office space.

The building is still very much a concept so don't start looking at loans for new offices just yet. Would you want to live in a big hole in the ground? Would you be brave enough to walk across the top? Let us know in the comments section below or over on our Facebook page.

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Mexico City isn't actually built in a massive, glass cube; this is just an artist's impression.
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Someone needs to turn that wizrd's hat back the right way.
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The current square is surrounded by historic buildings that will be unaffected by the building.
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Don't these people look happy walking around? You could be happy here, too.
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The square at night. Just try to imagine a massive pyramid sat underneath it.
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The middle of the pyramid will be a big, gaping hole which you can cross using these walkways.
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