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For Rent



ApartmentGuide offers a very clean interface for your new rental search. Search results are pretty standard for apps like these, listing most local places with a picture of the property to the left. The image gallery is a bit slower than some of the others, but the clean pricing list and floor plan viewer definitely make up for it. The "Call Now" button is very convenient, allowing you to check on availability in real-time while mobile.
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Search results in For Rent are a bit difficult to read because of the blue background, but the necessary information is there. The image gallery works like a charm, letting you slide back and forth through all the available photos of the building or complex. Floorplans can be viewed, and contacting the property is done through the touch of a button. You can see the exact location by touching the map button.
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HotPads allows you to set filters before you even begin your search. Pick the number of bedrooms and type of property you're seeking (rental, for sale, or even a hotel), and you're set. When the results of your search criteria appear, they are mapped out with small yellow-orange buildings. Touching each building will allow you to see the details of that location, but if it's too crowded, you can always switch to list view. Viewing a listing will open a mobile version of its site within the app, which makes viewing the images a little more cumbersome, but the overall app is a bit more fun to use than others.
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After entering a city or ZIP code, the map in PadMapper will show all listings around the desired location from Craigslist ads. Touch a map marker and a small window will pop up with the rental's information, including a Favorites button and the posting's original link. The coolest feature of this app is the one-touch e-mail button next to the Favorites button (shown in top middle image). One press and a ready-to-send e-mail will be generated for you to inquire about the rental opportunity.
Caption by / Photo by Screenshots by Nicole Cozma is another apartment app with a very clean interface. In addition to the classic information and photos you expect to see, this app allows you to add your own as well. The gallery that the app offers is not optimal, but does serve its purpose. As an added bonus, some properties are tied to a $100 Reward Card offer through (an eBay company).
Caption by / Photo by Screenshots by Nicole Cozma
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