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Zazoo photo clock keeps kids in bed longer

Encourage your little angels to stay in bed in the morning with the Zazoo photo clock. A moon picture means stay in bed. A sun means it's time to get up.

Zazoo photo clock
Can mommy get just a few more minutes of sleep? For the love of all that is good? Please!? Zazoo Kids

The current No. 1 best seller in Amazon's parenting and families category is a children's book for adults titled "Go the F**k to Sleep." Clearly, sleep issues are big on parents' minds.

Zazoo Kids has come out with a gadget that would be a perfect companion for that book. The Zazoo photo clock looks like a small tablet, but its main purpose is to serve as a clock that keeps your young ones in bed longer so you can get a few more minutes of precious sleep in the morning.

The $89 photo clock is geared toward little angels who are too young to tell time. It shows a sun image to let them know it's time to get up. If the clock shows a moon, they little ones are supposed to stay in bed and wait for the image to change.

The Zazoo photo clock doesn't settle for being just a fancy timepiece. It can also act as a digital photo frame, has a nap-time setting, and can play music and video. You can customize the visual alarm with your own photos. Perhaps a photo of exhausted, baggy-eyed mom and dad might help drive the point home?

If you want to get fancy with it, you can load a children's audiobook onto the Zazoo photo clock and let the gadget handle the parenting for an evening. Ah, blissful slumber.