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Yesterday's ranges in today's kitchens

Heartland's wood and gas burning ranges bring a taste of the past to the modern kitchen.

In a kitchen full of sleek, shiny surfaces and pristine granite countertops, it's easy to feel a bit nostalgic. Today's kitchen is more a nerve center than a true heart of the home, and we've lost some of the warmth and coziness that the kitchen used to represent.

Don't get me wrong--I love my modern appliances--but every so often I see something that reminds me of the kitchen I grew up in, way back in the '80s when a high-end kitchen was one with a microwave.

If your kitchen is full of ultracool appliances that leave it feeling almost cold, maybe it's time to add a little warmth.

The bright blue Cookmaster combines an old-fashioned look with modern good taste. Heartland Appliances

The Heartland Artisan is a beautiful cast-iron, wood-burning range that can provide central heat (albeit in a fairly small home), domestic hot water, and cooking in a single appliance. The range features two separate, vented ovens, one for roasting and baking, the other for simmering and warming. The vent system lets you cook distinct dishes without risking flavor transfer.

The one-piece hotplate can hold up to five saucepans. Close the insulated lids to shut the heat in, or open them to let the heat radiate into the room.

Not quite that nostalgic? Try the Heartland Cookmaster with its fast-heating thermostatically controlled 50,000 BTU gas burner. The 36-inch wide model fits between standard kitchen cabinets.

Both pieces come in a variety of colors to match any kitchen decor. Take a look, and check out the rest of Heartland's offerings.