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Yahoo vs. the TV networks

Yahoo's apparent strategy of becoming something of a social-networking portal seems to make some sense, given that much of its original search business has been taken over by Google. But it has quickly encountered formidable opposition in one of the hottest parts of the Web 2.0 world, community-generated video.


In addition to players large and small like Google (again) and Brightcove, which are providing tools to distribute and even sell video online, Yahoo must face competition from, of all places, old media: the TV industry. Although the broadcast and cable networks are still trying to figure out how to put their own programming online, at least some TV producers are moving ahead with the creation of shows using videos on the Web--a concept that ABC established long ago with "America's Funniest Videos."

How Yahoo responds in this hyperactive market will provide a telling indication of how well it has adapted to the Web 2.0 universe and how well it can handle content.

Blog community response:

"If networks were more effectively putting their content online, I'd be happy to link to their advertising laden sites, but they don't make it easy and don't use universal formats. They just don't get it."
--aTypical Joe

"IPTV is becoming more wide spread (with VOD), and large scale deployments of broadcast television in the web is just inevitable. It takes only one large network to move before all networks quickly follow."

"It's time that Yahoo recognizes their true value and opportunity; simplify the experience for individuals to gain access to those who are willing to pay for the relationship, and let the content evolve from those who have the passion, talent and perserverence to rise to the top."
--Gary Baker on CNET's Talkback