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Yahoo evangelist moving to Craigslist

Jeremy Zawodny, freshly departed from a high-profile developer role at Yahoo, is headed for Craiglist, which he sees as small, well-equipped and open source-friendly.

Jeremy Zawodny
Jeremy Zawodny Jeremy Zawodny

Jeremy Zawodny, a prominent developer and evangelist who just left Yahoo, has announced where he'll work next: Craigslist.

"Over the course of about three seconds, something clicked in my little brain, and I realized that Craigslist is a pretty unique combination of things: a small company with a solid financial base, a great service that I use myself, a focused group of people who really care about doing things well, and an open source-friendly environment," Zawodny said in a blog posting.

At Yahoo, Zawodny helped build the Yahoo Developer Network, and was a strong advocate of open-source software and open services such as those now part of the Yahoo Open Strategy.