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Xumii puts all of people's social networks in their pockets

The service allows anyone to access all their social networks through an aggregated friends list and other features, on their mobile phones.

SAN DIEGO--Who needs a computer to access the many social networks people are members of these days?

While thousands, or even millions, of people regularly switch between services like Facebook, imeem, MySpace, and others, it can be cumbersome to do all that switching.

That's what Xumii, which presented at DemoFall Monday afternoon, has set out to obviate.

The idea is that users will be able to access their various social networks through their mobile phones on a single application, rather than having to rely on computers and full browsers.

Xumii allows anyone to access friends and information from multiple social networks on their mobile phones. Daniel Terdiman/CNET Networks

In the demonstration, the company showed how users can access a list of friends from any social network they're part of, a list that will show each friend, the service they're part of, and whether they're online or not.

That's pretty cool, and another nice feature is the ability to share photos or other files with people on that all-encompassing friends list. So, for example, a user could access their Flickr photos, select a picture, and then have it sent to any friends on their list.

Ultimately, what's nice about Xumii is that it will allow people to take their social networks in their pocket, and not worry--as I'm sure many do--that while they're on the go they are out of touch. This way, they can stay in touch no matter where they are, and they can continually update their friends with the latest things they're doing, or the most recent photos they've taken.

Whether this is a good thing for us and our ability to detach ourselves from our computers is a question for someone else to answer.