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X-Men pinball delivers mutant mayhem

Finally, a comic book adaptation I can get behind... literally.

Stern Pinball has officially started churning out the X-Men pinball game it hinted at back in June.

The machine comes in three different flavors. The base model is the X-Men Pro ($5,699) and includes a backglass graphic with all the X-Men mutants crammed together in an explosion of awesome.

Backglass art from Stern's X-Men Pro pinball machine. Stern/Marvel

Then you have the two X-Men Limited Edition machines ($7,999) which include a few extra playfield options, such as a motorized "Ice Slide" ramp, pop-up Night Crawlers, color-changing LEDs, and a magnetic spinning disc that basically rules. The two versions of this machine include an edition with Magneto backglass, and one with Wolverine backglass.

Like any classic X-Men adventure, the basic game idea on any of the machines is to team-up the X-Men and fight Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. Of course, like most modern pinball games, the mechanics involved in completing this task are about as complicated as defusing a nuclear bomb. In Stern's defense, anyone willing to drop up to $8,000 on a pinball machine is probably looking for a game that will challenge them for a lifetime.

If you're as excited about this as I am, check out the video walkthrough with the game's designer John Borg and hit up our photo gallery.

Click to enlarge. Stern Pinball