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WSO2 hires mash-up master from Microsoft

You know mash-ups are going main stream when someone has a business title, Director of Architecture - Mashup Technologies.

WSO2 is a year-old startup which provides support services around Apache's Axis 2 Web services application server.

The company's CEO, Sanjiva Weerawarana, on Saturday announced that it has hired Jonathan Marsh from Microsoft to head up development efforts in mash-ups.

"Jonathan will drive the development of our 3rd major product; WSO2 Tellurium, which will be a server-side mashup platform. (Somewhat akin to what a BPEL engine is but quite different in approach and usablity!)," Weerawarana wrote.

In his own blog, Marsh wrote that he intends to focus on simplicity. Marsh is active and Web services standards organizations.

"I've been working on Web Services, especially the Enterprise-level, back-office, strongly-typed variety for a long time, but my background and affinities are with the script-friendly, quick-and-easy, dynamically-typed web hackers. If I'm successful, Web Services will become a more important part of the grass-roots Web toolbox," he wrote.