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Working from home is the future

Let's not forget the best bit of working from home: I can work in my pants -- something that's frowned upon in the office

I am a geek -- and that means late nights doing geek stuff and a propensity to not wake up when my alarm clocks start their desperate call for my attention every morning. Last night, I watched TV until the small hours, which usually spells disaster in the morning -- but not today, because it's national working from home day. So I am.

Working from home means that I get up at 8:55am. Being a man, that's all the time I need to have a shower, eat a small breakfast and still be at my desk by 9:00am. That means that I am at work 30 minutes before I would be if I traipsed across London to get into the office. And what's more, I didn't have to sit on a train and listen to people sing, hum and sniff while I'm trying to collect my wits.

With all this controversy about climate change, it actually makes sense to stay at home to work. For a start, my computer at home is on all the time -- so by sitting at it, I'm using the electricity more sensibly. Not using the train helps too, and if I open the window, I can actually hear mother nature saying good things about me.

I save money too. My tube fare from my house to London is around £200 a month. That's £2,400 a year I save by not leaving my house every day to get angry about how slow the tube is. Reduced stress also means that I'm less likely to have a heart attack at 32, and that will save the company quite a bit of sick pay. Oh, and apparently the average worker spends as much as 47 days a year travelling. What a waste of time!

And let's not forget the best bit of all: I can work in my pants -- something that's frowned upon in the office.

Of course, there are downsides. You tend to eat rather more cheese than you would in the office, and the temptation to have a nap can sometimes be too much to bear. But,that's balanced by the fact that I live in a building that has a gym, so lunch will be more productive and I can work off all the cheese.

Perhaps it would be more sensible to have a national 'working from work' day, and spend the rest of the time working from home. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's cheese to be eaten and Loose Women will be on soon.