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Wooden iPod dock looks like a blockhead

Ugly and pricey is a bad combination.

Akihabara News

A lot of wooden iPod accessories have made it to the market, some fairly sophisticated, others not so much. This latest wooden dock, we're afraid, falls into the latter category.

Even if it were made of reforested lumber, one would think the product's designers could have come up with something better than this. After all, it's made by Japan's Marubeni, which has done right by other sylvan items. But its latest offering illustrates clearly that there's a fine line between minimalist design and a junior-high wood shop project.

The technical specs don't do much to make up for its aesthetic shortcomings either; a USB port and two 1-watt speakers--that's about it. That's what makes their prices almost insulting. The Scandanavian birch model goes for about $95, while the American walnut version sells for around $102. Our advice: Stick with bamboo.