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Woman in MIT shirt prevented from voting?

A story from Florida suggests that an official in a polling place prevented an enthusiast of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from voting -- because, er, that's Gov. Romney's name. Ultimately, she was allowed to vote.

I wonder if it was red. MIT/Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

I am not sure whether I want to believe this.

But, such is my fear for the sanity of the world, that a large part of me craves to.

The story goes that a woman went to vote in West Boca Raton, Fla., and caused a vast, unyielding commotion.

For she was wearing a T-shirt championing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You might wonder why anyone would find such an august institution offensive.

Well, according to Boca Raton News Now, the T-shirt actually said "MIT" and that's presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney's name isn't it? His middle one. The one he likes best.

Apparently the school is less familiar to one of the election supervisors in West Boca Raton, as the voter was allegedly declared to be campaigning. Which one mustn't do within a certain distance of the polling place.

It seems that after initially preventing the woman from exercising her rights, sense and spelling sensibility prevailed.

I have tried to contact the Palm Beach County Supervisor and will update, should I receive a reply.

Sometimes, one is glad that when mitigating circumstances are respected.