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Will Fanpop burst or fizzle?

Does the world really need another social network? We have no idea, but we're posting about another one anyway.

Today's entry, called Fanpop, describes itself as "a network of 'social portals' called spots that are created for fans by fans." So how is this different from the zillions of other social-networking sites out there? As far as we can tell, the biggest distinction is Fanpop's organization around specific topics as communities, rather than the other way around.

This is done on just about all other social sites in some fashion, but Fanpop is trying to stay singularly focused on its topics strategy. It's still unclear to us how this will distance itself from a very crowded pack, but one never knows when or why a particular site tickles the right fancies.

One thing we do know is that we agree with Fanpop's stated mission: "We think that it should be easier to get to stuff you care about. Because the web should revolve around you."