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'Wii Fit Girl' not a marketing ploy for Nintendo

Speculation surrounds YouTube's "Wii Fit Girl," Lauren Bernat and boyfriend, Giovanny Gutierrez. Did they make the video as a viral marketing campaign for Nintendo's Wii Fit game?

Titled "Why every guy should buy their girlfriend a Wii Fit," the YouTube clip shows 25-year-old Lauren Bernat hula hooping in time with the fitness video game in her T-shirt and underwear. The video has been viewed more than 2.4 million times and was suspected to be a viral marketing ploy for Nintendo's Wii Fit.

The speculation emerged after learning that both Lauren Bernat and Giovanny Gutierrez, who filmed the footage, work in advertising. Gutierrez works as the director of Interactive Media for Tinsley Advertising in Miami, Florida. Bernat works as an account executive at the same company, where her duties include evaluating the responses to the company's Internet advertising.

Nintendo has denied that the footage is part of an advertising campaign. "This has, and is, absolutely 100 percent, nothing to do with Nintendo," a spokesman said. "Nintendo did not create it and was not aware of it until it was brought to our attention."

Gutierrez has also denied that it was a viral advertisement for the Wii Fit. Gutierrez says he filmed Bernat to show the world how attractive his girlfriend is. "My girlfriend loves Wii Fit and looks hot doing it."

Bernat says she was unaware she was being filmed by her boyfriend on his mobile phone and was extremely upset with him at first, but is now reveling in her 15 minutes of fame as the "Wii Fit Girl," adding she would have made herself more attractive if she had known about the camera.

The game--which incorporates yoga, balance, strength training, and aerobics--hardly needs the free publicity. Even Amazon has a purchase limit policy in place for the Wii Fit because of the shortages across the U.S. Now does that sound like Nintendo is hurting for some sales?

The YouTube video has done much to boost the profile of Gutierrez, Bernat, and the ad agency where they work, so it looks as if everybody wins regardless.