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Who's the top Don on Google?

If you type in 'Don' into Google, who do you think you would get first? Don Corleone? Don Johnson?

Actually, you get the home page of Don Knuth, professor emeritus of the art of computer programming at Stanford University and author of the three-volume classic The Art of Computer Programming. Knuth demonstrated it during a presentation at a symposium at Stanford today commemorating the 40th anniversary of the university's computer science department. (They taught it before, but it wasn't a full-on department.

I tried it on my own search and it works. He beats out Don Johnston Incorporated and Don Quijote. Although right now, Knuth's home page is down.

Don't try to email, him, however. Knuth doesn't have a personal email address. He hasn't had one for years. You can send an email to a service about a bug in the book but that's it.

"You wake up, start answering email and the next thing you know it's noon," he said.