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What we Craved this week: Pulsing brains, in 3D!

Maybe all the spooky is because we're gearing up for Halloween, but it's also because it's cool.

This week we were all over the place on Crave. We had some DIY hacks to create your own Street View experience (again, we're not sure why you'd want to, but hey, go for it). We talked about a hybrid cellular/satellite phone that's on its way to AT&T.


We also got a first look at Windows 7's new compatibility badge. Yes, it features the Windows Flag. Verizon officialized the HTC Imagio, its first device running Windows Mobile 6.5. Having played with WinMo 6.5 all day Friday I can say: it's a much needed improvement.

And direct from the future is a new Fujifilm point-n-shoot with full 3D image and video capability and a Power Loader exoskeleton, right out of Aliens. I want them both.

Then there'sthis brain thing I'm still seeing in my dreams. Make it stop.