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Westinghouse new wireless TV isn't for consumers--yet

Westinghouse has announced its first wireless HDMI HDTV for 2008.


Westinghouse Digital is showing off a wireless LCD flat-panel TV here at CES--but the model is currently targeted for use in the digital signage market. The LCD uses PulseLINK's integrated CWave UWB (ultrawideband) Wireless HDMI protocol to broadcast a full bandwidth HD video signal from a separate base station (to which the video sources are connected). As a result, the only wire needed for the panel is the power cord--a near ideal solution for store windows and other retail locations where clutter and wires are unacceptable. Westinghouse is touting the commercial applications now, with hopes that the technology will soon be able to trickle down to consumers' living rooms in the near future. In the meantime, we'll take the opportunity to remind the company that this "first fully integrated wireless HDTV" was actually beaten to the market by Samsung wireless plasma TV, which was announced at CES 2007--and has been available at Best Buy for the past few months.