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Webware 100 winner: Zoho

Zoho has a suite of Web productivity tools, including an entire suite of office applications that run right in your browser.

Zoho has become synonymous with having a sheer volume of Web based productivity applications. While it lacks some really deep and seamless integration that Microsoft has achieved with its software-based Office suite, Zoho has put out a record amount of services--nearly all of which are completely free to use. The company has more than 20 Web applications, many of which compete directly with Google's online productivity and office tools.

In addition to having a slew of consumer-oriented applications, Zoho has dipped into some SMB applications including a CRM tool, invoicing service, and Zoho People--which is a recruiting tool. The company has also been known to embrace the latest Web technologies including Ajax-heavy editors and compatibility with Google's offline data access plug-in Gears.

Winner: Zoho (
Category: Productivity