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Webware 100 winner: Stardoll

Stardoll lets you dress and share dolls of celebrities and other characters.

      Stardoll is a Web-based version of dress-up dolls. Users have a wide variety of real-life celebrities and pop culture icons to choose from. Each doll can be dressed up in various pieces of clothing and shared with others. Users get their own profiles to house their doll collections and become friends with others who enjoy similar dolls. They can also maintain a blog and photo gallery. It's a mishmash of social networking and an arts-and-crafts fair.

      The service is free. Users can also create their own doll avatar known as a MeDoll. MeDolls can be dressed up in a variety of clothing items, which can be purchased using a virtual currency known as StarDollars.

      Winner: Stardoll (
      Category: Social